Our Story

“Rogue Inspiration” is a brand that influences people to look within to find the answers to be the best version of themselves. The brand was launched in the Bay Area in November of 2018, but the roots are much deeper. The idea came into fruition in Portland in 2016, when the brand creator Foster Liggins was reflecting on what he wanted to do with his life. The feeling of being lost within his own mind helped him have a realization. Until that defining point, he was seeking outside answers to his own questions. He came to the conclusion that all the answers were inside him the whole time. This spawned the ideology of Rogue Inspiration. 

Logo: The logo is a light bulb that is broken but it still shines. This was how the tagline came to be, “Shine through your brokenness.” This means you went through different trials and tribulations in your life, but instead of running from the struggles, embracing them. By doing this it will help you become what you aspire to achieve through your own success. 

Vision: To enable people to unlock the best within themselves.

Mission: A worldwide brand that moves every individual to improve their lives through self-discovery.

Values: We operate with Accountability, Integrity, Respect, Faith, Proactivity, Resourcefulness, Sustainability, and Equality.